Nickelodeon is Bringing the 90’s Back


90’s kids everywhere know that we all enjoyed some of the best cartoons ever created. Nickelodeon classics like Rugrats, Rocko’s Modern Life, Hey Arnold and many others all hold a special place in my childhood. Nickelodeon knows this of course and have decided to bring these classics back from the grave.

In a recent report from Variety it’s been confirmed a new block of 90’s shows will debut on Nickelodeon in October. Titled “The Splat!” the block won’t only focus on animation but also feature some of Nickelodeon’s live-action shows from the same decade. There still isn’t any official list of what shows will be shown but they have plenty to choose from at least.

The nostalgia wasn’t done just for fun however. The Splat is in response to lower viewership as of late with modern children moving away from traditional television in favor of streaming services. Times are changing and Nickelodeon is betting on showing some of their best of the past to pull people back in.

Nickelodeon has also said they are considering bringing back some older shows with new episodes as well. Shows that are being considered for a revival include You Can’t Do That on Television, Hey Arnold, and Rugrats. This is, of course, not a guarantee that it will ever happen but it’s nice to know they’re thinking about it.


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