Trailer: The Flash – “3 Weeks” Promo

In case you weren’t aware, The Flash is three weeks away from returning for its second season. I have come to terms with the concept that the second season could be a bit weaker than the initial season but we will have to see how that turns out. I know hopes are high but we need to bring some reality into it. However, it does not seeming to be jumping the shark as Gotham is attempting to do with its second season.

Nevertheless, the CW Television released their “3 Weeks Trailer” which is designed to get you hyped with the coming multi-verse. The 30-second teaser shows some behind-the-scenes of some real-life stunts and then the CG-enhanced version.

Not only that but we get a glimpse of former WWE Adam “Edge” Copeland getting ready to play Atom-Smasher. Get ready for the second season of The Flash when it premieres on Tuesday, October 6th.


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