Comic Preview: Spider-Gwen #1

If you have listened to one of our many podcast, you will know that I have always been a huge fan of Spider-Gwen. The comic series that launched after the events in Spider-Verse, she was given her own title and took place in a parallel world that had Gwen being bitten by the radioactive and Peter Parker is the one who died.

Many of those comics ended during the run of Secret Wars, which was going to allow Marvel to change up their characters with basically younger and more diverse characters. You know, instead of creating new ones. This series will be returning in October with Jason Latour writing and Robbi Rodriguez and Rico Renzi doing the art.

In the new series, according to, it will reveal the secret history of Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker. Someone out there has recreated Peter’s Lizard formula. The same formula that mutated him, branded Gwen a fugitive and ultimately cost Peter his life. With NYPD Captain Frank Castle and the Kingpin of Crime Matt Murdock still after her, Gwen may have a hard time stopping them. Plus, the introduction of Norman Osborn and Harry Osborn.

Check out the preview of Spider-Gwen #1 below:


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