Apple Giving Out Refunds To Peace Customers


Last week, the popular ad-blocker app Peace was abruptly pulled from the App Store after its creator Marco Arment had a change of heart. No one is completely sure what led to the change of heart, but he quickly removed his app that benefited people that hate dealing with ads on their mobile devices, which is the last bastion of ad proliferation in the universe.

As many people are stuck with a $3 app that is no longer being updated, people have been instructed to contact Apple to get a refund for the app. Arment told people that wanted refunds to approach Apple about it and on Monday said that they made the decision on his behalf.

“I’m actually happy — or at least, as happy as someone can be who just made a lot of money on a roller coaster of surprise, guilt, and stress, then lost it all suddenly in a giant, unexpected reset that actually resolves things pretty well,” Arment wrote in a blog post.

He stated that more than 10,000 people had requested and received refunds. He did not state, according to The Verge, how many people actually downloaded the app and how many will receive refunds.

It still remains unclear as to why he had a change of heart when he defended his app as late as August. Peace was a handful of apps that utilizes the new content blocking feature in Apple’s iOS 9 that would allow third-party software to blacklist specific domains to increase page load times.

If you are sad about Peace going, you still have some other options like Crystal and Purify Blocker.


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