CBS Debuts Supergirl Season One Trailer

In case you’re like me, you probably forgot that the second season premiere of Scorpion debuted on CBS on Monday. The first episode of that series jumped the shark for me and I forgot about it, much like what I did with Gotham. Although, during the premiere, CBS used that time to drop a new trailer that shows a bit more of their new series Supergirl beyond the pilot.

The new series from Arrow and The Flash executive producers Andrew Kreisberg and Greg Berlanti, focuses on Kara and her journey to be who she was meant to be. While it does feature James Olson, there is not expected to be any version of the Man of Steel in the series beyond the shadowy appearance in the pilot.

To be honest, I am not sure what it is about major network shows, versus smaller networks like CW that the shows seem more fake in the CBS series than any of the episodes of Arrow and The Flash. I do hope things get better, beyond the pilot, but I will be giving it a couple of episode chance. Much more than I did for Scorpion but less than I gave for Gotham.



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