Lazy Geeks Rewind: The Lazy Geeks Podcast #3

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As we past the midpoint of the Lazy Geeks Summer Rewind, we come to the third episode of the Lazy Geeks Podcast from back in 2010. The guys talk about some of their favorite Halloween movies and some of the biggest news from 2010.

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Intro – Music

  1. Further thanks for the continued support.
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  3. Talk about random stuff for a few minutes.

News Topics: (Keep it to three news stories)

  1. Update that the Netflix story from last week, that it included the Nintendo Wii. Since the news was trumped by the release on the Sony site, it wasn’t revealed until Monday.
  2. Bob Guccione dies at 79 from lung cancer. I think we should have a moment of silence for the man that introduced women to every preteen man, and some women, out there. (Silence – moan from Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally)
  3. Blizzard suing StarCraft II Hackers –
  4. Discuss Cataclysm Trailer

(Break) – Jack Jackson for Emperor

Main Topics – (One for each, may vary depending on additional material)

  1. Facebook Privacy – 10 popular apps have been found to transmit your personal information. Such as IP addresses and username.
  2. Nintendo Turns 25 on 10/18/2010(Monday). Share a few memories with the system and why it was so important to the American gaming industry.
  3. Hollywood Remakes – In light of the news of Mark Wahlberg being offered the lead in The Crow remake, why does Hollywood need to keep remaking movies. With all the out of work writers, they cannot find an original idea (i.e. Inception).



  1. PS3 Netflix – Review by Sapien/ Nintendo Wii Netflix – Review by Nomad.
  2. Review – Review Verizon’s LG Ally (Brief)

(Break) – Dooche National Bank Spot


Douchebag list

Nomad’s List:

  1. Obama’s Drug Czar – He is considering legal action if Proposition 19 passes on California.
  2. Yankee Fan Dragged Off Field to Choke A-Rod – A Yankee fan was dragged off the field while trying to choke A-Rod to woo the heart of Cameron Diaz.
  3. Juan Williams Fired Over Muslim Remarks – NPR fired Williams because of an opinion that he gave to Bill O’Reilly on his remarks on The View.

Sapien’s List:

  1. Man Gets Stuck Retrieving His Phone – Man has to get his hand out of a toilet trying to get his phone back.
  2. Man Arrested After Tattoo Gives Him Away – Suspect linked to AT&T robberies captured with the tattoo “I’m Me” on his head.
  3. X-Factor Contestant Meltdown – X-Factor contestant looks for soul in a cave.

Epic Person of the week

Nomad’s Epic Person: Cee Lo Green for his song, Fuck You. A cool Motown tribute about a chick that played with this dude’s heart and got her no where.

Sapien’s Epic Person: Marisol Valles Garcia for becoming the police chief of Guadalupe.

New Question of the week

Washington D.C., Psychiatrist, faith, Iraq, attic


Steve’s List

The Exorcist – Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) – Poltergiest – Dracula – Halloween – The Shining – Silence of the Lambs – Alien – Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) – Seven

Adam’s List

Rosemary’s Baby – The Man Who Laughs – arachnophobia – Event Horizon – Nightmare on Elm Street – The Shining –  Friday the 13th – pet cemetery – The Evil Dead – The Orphanage

Other info:

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