Lazy Geeks Rewind: The Lazy Geeks Podcast #4

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The Lazy Geeks Summer Rewind is in its final week! The last of the original four episodes of the Lazy Geeks Podcast have arrived. The guys have some interesting discussions about 3D conversion (which was huge at the time), time traveler caught on film and the first of the Star Trek 2 fake outs. Think back to 2010 and think about how much we knew back then and what became of it. Enjoy the second to last of the summer rewind.


Intro – Music

  1. 3D Conversion for Indiana Jones.
  2. The Time Traveler Caught on Film –
  3. A Political Plea – Last podcast before the election.
  4. Things that piss us off.


News Topics: (Keep it to three news stories)

  1. BSG Prequel Greenlit – BSG: Blood and Chrome focusing on Adama as a fighter pilot.
  2. Star Trek 2 – Will not have Khan, but someone else.
  3. Google TV


(Break) – First Jack Jackson Commercial


Main Topics – (One for each, may vary depending on additional material)

  1. Ten Things That Are Dead To Gaming – Based on a blog written on the IGN website.
  2. The Dark Knight Rises – The Riddler will not be the villain in the next film. Debate. Could the next villain be Catwoman or Hugo Strange? Who the possible villain will be?



  1. Back to the Future Trilogy Boxset.
  2. Superman Reborn Comic.


(Break) – Second Jack Jackson Commercial


Douchebag list

Nomad’s List:

  1. Dominos Employees Spotted Cleaning Oven Parts in Car Wash.
  2. Man Calls Cab for Robbery Getaway.
  3. Teen Holds up Store with Salad Dressing.

Sapien’s List:

  1. Matt Gone, tattoed eyes
  2. George Lucas


Epic Person of the week

Nomad’s Epic Person: Chrisopher Nolan. For convincing Warner Bros to not push the 3D thing on the next Batman movie. After the splendor and beauty of digital technology with IMAX, he never quite gave his opinion on it, but said to convert it would make it less fitting to the two previous films.

Sapien’s Epic Person: Undead Dancer at Blizzcon


Winner of Last Week’s Question

Washington D.C., Psychiatrist, faith, Iraq, attic   (The Exorcist)



Other info:

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