Button Remapping Coming ‘Soon’ To All Xbox One Controllers


With the Xbox Elite controller dropping later this month from Microsoft, the remapping feature that is coming to that controller has always been allowed on Sony’s PlayStation 4. Not to mention, Microsoft is charging a very hefty $149.99 while Sony is allowing players to do it for free. Microsoft’s director of program management let the cat out of the bag on Sunday.

Mike Ybarra responded to a follower on Twitter, in regards to why is the remapping feature only available on the Elite controller.

Granted the Elite controller goes way beyond reassigning buttons on the controller, and if you can use more than four fingers on a controller, does drop on October 27th for $149.99. As you can believe it, it comes out just in time for the new release of Halo 5: Guardians.

Obviously, the word “soon” is set to having you hoping and waiting for that feature to drop. You can be certain that it will not be available in November when the new Xbox One experience is set to roll out, but we are still waiting for that Xbox 360 backwards compatibility. In the meantime, I will take that over Sony’s button reassignment for now.



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