New Black Panther Comic Not A Super Hero Script


With Marvel releasing a new coming that will focus on Black Panther, which will seem to reintroduce fans to the character before its reveal in Captain America: Civil War next year. Brian Stelfreeze is working with mainstream journalist Ta-Nehisi Coates on a new 12-issue series featuring the Wakandan king.

Both Stelfreeze and Coates has set out to “redine” the character in a recent interview with Newsarama during a recent appearance at the Baltimore Comic-Con. In part of redefining the character, they are also looking to redefine Wakanda.

“I’m designing Wakanda with a different eye towards technology,” Stelfreeze said. “I’m thinking of technology in a different way. I don’t want Wakanda to be Silicon Valley or Dubai, or anything like that. What I want to do is show Wakanda as having technology that was created in a completely different way than technology that we know.”

“The thing that got me really excited about it was when I read [the first script], it wasn’t a superhero script,” Stelfreeze gushed about the first issue script from Coates. “It wasn’t a bang zoom some guys are robbing a bank and Black Panther is going to jump in and stop them kinda story. I think with superheroes, they all need a specific voice and the Black Panther, I don’t think we’ve really pursued what the Black Panther is all about. Ta-Nehisi’s script goes in a different direction and really explores what is this guy about. What would Wakanda be like if it was a real thing.”

“Well, the cool thing is that Ta-Nehisi and I, we’re kinda approaching everything very respectfully. We want to make things very believable and want this to be a book that someone who has never read Black Panther before can pick up and really enjoy this. At the same time, we’re both fans so we’re doing something that if you’re a Black Panther fan, you’ll get a nice bit of Easter eggs for you, but this is still something different. I personally think that the Black Panther is a character that is really underdeveloped, so we’re sort of taking the opportunity that Marvel is giving us to do something with him.”

With the character coming to the big screen, much to everyone’s surprise, it will shake up the diversity in comic book movies. Wakanda was mentioned in Avengers: Age of Ultron, but that reference may have gone over the head of many fans. We know the comic will be dropping sometime in 2016, but we can imagine that it will be around the same time of Captain America: Civil War.



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