The Lazy Geeks Podcast #205: The Magic is Back

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The guys are back! After a month off, Adam and Steven are ready to start a whole new season of news and other things. Steven talks about how his month off was anything but relaxing and some of the things that happened while they were off.

Some topics for this week’s show is Xbox One Holiday Bundle, PS4 update, Princess Leia slave bikini sells, Google’s event rundown, HAVOK gets bought, Arkham Knight PC will be sold again, Sarah Michelle Gellar coming to Rebels, Doctor Who spin-off and new Marvel sitcom, as well as a pair of douchebags.


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Opening Story/Random –

(Random stuff, news, personal stories, recommendations and follow-up on previous podcast)


Take My Money Section (Look for special deals or worthy purchases.)

Xbox One Holiday Bundle

News –

(News from all aspects: games, tech, movies, tv, comics)

Topic #1

Steve: PlayStation 4 Update

Adam: Princess Leia Slave Bikini Price Tag


Topic #2

Steve: Google Event Rundown

Adam: Microsoft Buys HAVOK


Topic #3

Steve: Arkham Knight PC May Be Back In October

Adam: Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Role in Star Wars Rebels


Topic #4

Steve: Doctor Who Spin-Off Confirmed

Adam: Marvel/ABC Developing Damage Control TV Series



Now it is time for a section, we like to call Douchebags of the Week:

Steven’s Choice: Martin Shkreli

Adam’s Choice: Man uses lighter to kill spider at gas station…..



Other info:

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5 thoughts on “The Lazy Geeks Podcast #205: The Magic is Back

  1. the robot baby voice is a text to voice program. the people watching him are typing what you hear.
    here is a translation:

    “Behind you. Behind you. Look Behind you.”

    “Where did he go? Is he coming back?”

    “The fire extinguisher. Use the fire extinguisher.”


    “Holy shit..” (UAAAAA!)

    “Why did you take it over there?”

    “Call 119” (Japanese 911)

    “Find a way to smother it.”


    “Don’t you have a futon (thin Japanese mattress) you can put on it?”

    “If you don’t smother it it’s not going to go out.”

    “Call 119 or use your fire extinguisher.”

    “Call 119. Why did this even happen??”

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