Microsoft Promises Windows 10 for Xbox One This Holiday Season


Microsoft had a press conference yesterday and showed off quite a bit of interesting tech. One glaring statement they were trying to make; Windows 10 for all the things. Yes, that includes the Xbox One. Talk about Windows 10 for the Xbox One has been going on since Windows 10 was announced but now it’s getting closer to becoming a reality.

Microsoft bigwig Terry Myerson spoke briefly about the topic saying their new OS will be making its way to the game console very soon. This move will not only make good on the promise of a cohesive ecosystem spanning all of their devices but is the key step in making backwards compatibility a thing. Don’t get rid of those Xbox 360 games quite yet folks.

Stay with Xbox One news Myerson announced a few limited-edition versions of the console will be available for the holidays including the much talked about Halo 5 console (pictured above). The 1 terabyte Xbox One will not only come with a copy of Halo 5 but also feature a custom paint scheme on the console and controller inspired by one of the characters from the game.

Myerson summed up the announcements saying “Xbox One is going to bring some serious fun this holiday.”


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