Rumor: Hulk to Appear in Thor: Ragnarok


It seems that when Marvel said that Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk was scratched from Captain America: Civil War to save him for something bigger, it seems that it may be true. No, it is not a solo Hulk movie that we all hoped for. Mostly because Universal still has the rights to the character but if a particular website’s sources are correct, we could see him in a co-Avengers’ solo movie.

JoBlo reported on Monday that sources familiar with the situation that Mark Ruffalo will not appear in Civil War but will appear in Thor: Ragnarok. There is no official word, as there probably will not be, as to why he would be in that film but many people are thinking that this will lead to a Planet Hulk film. Again, since Universal still has the rights to the character, it is doubtful that is the case.

“Ruffalo is on board. As to how much time he’ll spend as Hulk vs. Banner, we can’t say, only that he’s absolutely part of the supporting cast and will feature prominently.”

Given that Marvel has said that they are holding Hulk back for a better project to showcase him, many people (overlooking legal issues) automatically think that it has to be a Planet Hulk storyline. I would take this rumor with a grain of salt and we will find out when Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters on July 28, 2017.


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