Xbox Wireless Controller Adapter Comes Out Next Week


Microsoft has been making some serious changes in the last year or so in regards to their Xbox One. After their debacle that was Windows 8, it seems that Microsoft is taking a different approach to the Xbox One and Windows 10. It seems gone are the days of buying everything piece-meal and simplification is the new name. Well, somewhat.

Starting next week, on October 20th, you will be able to purchase the adapter that will allow you to use your Xbox One controller with your Windows 10 PC. The listing price is $24.99 and it is a USB adapter for your controller.

The major sticking point is that you will not be able to purchase it through the Xbox store. Why? Absolutely no idea. Nevertheless, you can pre-order the adapter through Amazon because Amazon will save you every time.

This is a nice change of pace from Microsoft as they had always required you to purchase a separate controller for your PC.

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that you could use your Xbox One controller with your Windows 10 PC but you would need to buy an adapter. To be honest, it would be nearly the same cost to pick up the adapter as it would to buy an off-brand controller. The choice is yours, however, it would see a decent price for convenience. Remember when you had to pay $50 for the wireless adapter on the Xbox 360?



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