Star Wars: Battlefront Confirmed not to have Dedicated Chat System


The Star Wars Battlefront beta has come and gone with massively positive results. If you thought people were talking about this game before it’s gotten a lot more buzz after people got a taste of the action. One feature that the game will be lacking may upset some console players however; the lack of a dedicated chat system.

Battlefront is a multiplayer centric game so voice chat is going to be a big deal for the success of your team. In a recent tweet from the official EA Star Wars account it has been confirmed that the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game will not feature a dedicated in-game chat system and will use the “PlayStation 4 and Xbox One built0in party system for in-game chat.” Developer DICE has also noted PC players should “choose your favorite third-party software to communicate with friends on PC.”

Let’s set aside the PC gamers for now since there are many options to choose from on that platform for voice chat. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One both offer built in game chat systems that can be used with any game including Battlefront. While a dedicated in-game chat system would have been nice it’s not entirely need either. I used the Xbox One’s chat system (for example) while playing through the beta and it work just as you’d assume it would.

Nine million people played through the limited time beta with little to no issue.


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