Microsoft Really Wants You To Try Edge


Lots of promises were made when Microsoft revealed their new internet browser, Microsoft Edge, ahead of the release of Windows 10. They promised an improved consumer experience and extensions but none of that has materialized. The browser is still in beta and many of the functions that use daily on Chrome either do not work properly or support in Edge.

As many people think Edge is going the way of Flash, even with my job printing functions do not work well for people using Edge that I have to steer people to using IE 11 or Chrome. Microsoft is going to plead their case in a leak in their latest build 10568. Now when someone goes to change their default browser to Chrome, they will get a “give Microsoft Edge a shot” prompt.

The Verge is reporting that the message will remind you that you can write on webpages, Cortana integration as well as includes a reading view. Now, according to the leaked image, it does allow you to continue with the change of default, as it would be open to legal action if Microsoft chose to block it. Mozilla railed into Microsoft for making it hard to switch to Firefox.

The same report claims that Microsoft will be doing the same for their photo and music apps. If you choose to change those defaults, you will get the same prompt asking you to stick with their photos or Groove Music apps. There is no clear date as to when this will be released, but given that Microsoft does not list the enhancements when updates are installed, it makes me wonder if we will ever know.


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