Star Wars: The Force Awakens Pre-Sales Crash Some Sites


If you were one of the unlucky people that got those error messages when the tickets for Star Wars: The Force Awakens went online, I feel sorry for you. Unlike what other people experienced, I did manage to get my tickets. Got my confirmation email with the seat numbers but was having issues adding the tickets to my Wallet on my iPhone. I knew something was up.

The Hollywood Reporter noted that shortly after the trailer for the latest installment hit television screens, tickets were on sale. Sites like Fandango and Movie Tickets, the more popular sites, were crashing due to the volume of people hoping to score their tickets for the perfect time. The site reported, and I verified, that Fandango was giving a “site maintenance” screenshot of Arnold from T2.

“Something funny is definitely going on,” read a message on Fandango’s site. “We’re getting to the bottom of it.”

Some Movie Tickets users were getting a “Web server is returning an unknown error.” Imax, which didn’t begin selling tickets until the trailer aired during halftime of Monday Night Football, was getting an error message and directing people to Fandango.

It had been suggested that The Force Awakens might not be the most anticipated movie of the holiday season and said the moniker could go to the final Hunger Games movie. If their previous installments are any suggestion – I don’t remember those movies crashing sites – I think pre-sales for Star Wars will definitely be strong.


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