This Weeks Xbox Live Deals (October 20th)

deals with gold 2

It’s Tuesday and you know what that means; new Xbox Live deals! If you missed out on last week’s GTA/Dragon Age themed sales, then shame on you and hopefully this week has something that excites you.

For the Xbox One those that haven’t played Saints Row IV will get a chance to pick it up for a discounted price. Sports fans can pick up R.B.I. Baseball 15 (Just in time for the impending off season) for a healthy discount as well. The teleporting platformer The Swapper can also be had for pretty cheap as well.

Xbox 360 shines a bit this week with all Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas content on sale. Strangely though Fallout 3 isn’t included in this however all of its DLC is. Fallout: New Vegas is on sale along with its DLC. A few of the older Saints Row games can be had for a discount as well.

Check out the list below and head over to Major Nelson’s blog for specific pricing details in your region.

Xbox One

  • Quiplash – 30%
  • R.B.I. Baseball 15 – 67%
  • Saints Row IV – Re-elected – 25%
  • Saints Row: Gat out of Hell – 20%
  • Stealth Inc. 2: A Game of Clones – 75%
  • Tembo the Bad Ass Elephant – 35%
  • The Swapper Xbox One Game – 75%

Xbox 360

  • Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta – 40%
  • Fallout 3: Point Lookout – 40%
  • Fallout 3: The Pitt – 40%
  • Fallout: New Vegas – 66%
  • Fallout: New Vegas – Honest Hearts – 40%
  • Fallout: New Vegas – Lonesome Road – 40%
  • Fallout: New Vegas – Old World Blues – 40%
  • Saints Row – 70%
  • Saints Row 2 – 70%
  • Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell – 40%
  • Saints Row: The Third – 60%

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