Sony Announces PS4 Price Drop For Europe


It was only a matter of time before Europe would be joining the list of countries that are going to be receiving the PlayStation 4 at a reduced price. According to the PlayStation Blog, Sony announced a price drop for the console in Europe, which is following the cuts in Japan and the United States.

The console will be offered for €349.99 in mainland Europe and £299.99 in the UK. That is a €50/£50 in the two respective markets. Now the price drop is for the 500GB model, which brings the price drop on par of the 500GB version of the Xbox One.

The price drop applies to non-European countries like Australia and New Zealand, where the console is selling for $479.95 and $569.95 respectively. The price drop comes after months of Xbox One being offered at a temporary discount through the last holiday season, then the trade-in with the Xbox 360.

For the majority of its release, Sony has dominated the sales market with the PS4 and Microsoft was struggling to get a foothold on the market. However, after the regime change within Microsoft, they have been making things right with fans and started to make some moves. Some people will say that Sony is doing this to match Microsoft but in reality – it was about time.




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