USA Today To Recreate Back To The Future 2’s Front Page


Of course The Lazy Geeks could not go through Back to the Future day without a Back to the Future story. Those of you that are fans of the sequel, we all know this afternoon is the day and time that Marty McFly comes from 1985.

When he arrives, he finds out that he is arrested for trying to do a job for Griff. It I documented in an edition of USA Today, which shows Marty being arrested on the cover. One thing, the paper was from the 22nd.

To celebrate the day, USA Today announced that they will print a secondary front page for all its newspapers tomorrow by recreating the one that we get to see in the film. One of the funniest headlines is that “Cholesterol may cure cancer” and that Hollywood is remaking “A Match Made in Space” a nod to the original film, as well as “Public more gullible than ever” which is something they got correct.

Check out the front page below:



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