Zod Speaks about Upcoming Batman V Superman Role


We’ve known for a while that the actor that played Zod in Man of Steel, Michael Shannon, will have some sort of role in the upcoming Batman V Superman. We finally have some insight as to what a dead man can do in a film, and it was sort of right in front of us the whole time.

Shannon explains that his character’s role will be that of a “ghost” akin to Russell Crowe’s Jor-El in Man of Steel.

“Yeah, I say some stuff. But not a whole lot! I mean, I am dead,” he told the outlet. “I’m just like a ghost. It’s kind of like Russell Crowe in the first one. Jor-El. For some reason, these Kryptonian spirits, they linger. Even once you crack my neck, you can’t shut me up.”

Don’t worry though, the time earlier this year when Shannon said Zod would have flippers instead of hands in BvS has been confirmed to be a joke.


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