Siri Blocks Answers For Non-Apple Music Users


At the beginning of October (or end of September for some day one adopters), free trials for Apple Music users were running out. As Apple has not released official numbers of people that have stopped using the service beyond the end of the initial free trial, we know that they are not pulling the same numbers as those on Spotify. Now, it seems that Siri is holding a grudge for those of us that dumped Apple Music.

If you tried asking Siri for some music help and you are not a subscriber to Apple Music, you will get a response similar to this:

Even the co-creator of Pandora and angel investor Tom Conrad found that out the hard way when asking it a music question, according to The Verge. It seems that if you are not a subscriber to Apple Music, you will need to go the old fashioned way of search for that kind of info like through the browser.

When Apple first launched Siri, they touted it as the end-all, be-all of digital assistants. We all have seen the celebrity commercials. Asking it all sorts of questions and it answering it. Now that Apple is pushing hard for subscriber-based content, they will resort to the hard sell or retrain Apple users to actually use their mobile browser to find the answer.




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