Deals With Gold for October 27th

deals with gold 2

You may not be aware of this with your busy life but it’s Halloween at the end of the week. When you look through the current Deals with Gold Microsoft is offering to Xbox Live Gold members you’ll see a particular theme going on. In celebration of the spooky holiday Microsoft is offering some great deals on games featuring scary stuff.

Not all the games involve horror however with Titanfall Deluxe Edition going for $5.00. While not the most popular game right now and not the best shooter of it’s own time, it’s still a pretty decent game with an interesting mechanic. Its yet to be seen if you’ll be able to find anyone to play it with right now but with it being so cheap I’d expect plenty of people to pick it up. This includes myself.

These deals will be available until November 1st when the new batch of discounts come out. Check out the list below and get your credit card ready!


The Evil Within + Season Pass (bundle) – $26.40

Resident Evil HD Remaster – $14.99

State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition – $17.99

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare – $6.60

Slender: The Arrival – $5.00

Zombi – $13.39

Outlast Bundle of Terror – $14.50

White Night – $4.95

Costume Quest 2 – $4.95

Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition – $4.95

Titanfall Deluxe Edition – $5.00


 The Evil Within – $19.79

   Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare – $6.59

   Resident Evil HD Remaster – $14.99

   State of Decay – $9.99

   Dead Island – $2.99

   Dead Island: Riptide – $2.99

   Dead Space – $3.74

   Dead Space 3: Awakened – $4.99

   Titanfall Deluxe Edition – $4.99

   Slender: The Arrival – $4.99

   Alice: Madness Returns – $4.99

   Costume Quest 2 – $4.94

   Blood of the Werewolf – $2.09

   Mutant Blobs Attack – $3.19

   Zombie Driver HD – $3.29

   Bloodrayne: Betrayal – $2.99

   Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate Halloween Costume 2014 Set – $19.59



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