Google To Launch Podcasting Service


If anyone has a podcast nowadays, it seems that the use of iTunes has depreciated in the last several years. While Apple use to hold dominance until they took the podcasts out of the main iTunes app and put them in their own app. Since then, from our experience, iTunes only brings in a fraction of what it used to.

Recode is reporting that Google Play Music will begin delivering podcast content to the masses, especially since Google is taking a decent share of the mobile market. On Tuesday, podcast creators were available to upload their content onto Google Play Music but they do not have a launch date, except to say “in the coming months.”

“Our goal is to serve content that makes what you do every day better,” Elias Roman, co-founder of the streaming service Songza, told Recode. “Podcasts allow us to do everything for our users,” Roman added. “It makes us a more complete concierge.”

“It’s like going from playing nightclubs to playing stadium shows,” said Matt Lieber, president of Gimlet Media, which produces the great podcast Startup and two others.

The podcast service will be available on both the paid and free version of Play Music. The subscription service that removes ads between songs on the music side will not to that to podcasts that have ads built within the show.

“In many ways, it’s what the industry has wanted to happen,” said Adam Symson, chief digital officer of Scripps, a Google partner. “About the best way to discover new content is through word of mouth or the top charts on the iTunes podcast list.”

There have been many apps that are trying to bring their podcast content to the masses but none had the full dominance of Apple. However, with Google’s resource and their own Android devices, they would be the perfect candidate for content creators to find new shows that they have not heard yet.


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