Lazy Ring of Death Podcast #28: Firmware Update

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The gaming/technology podcast is back! Brand-new format! The guys discuss the change in the format and Adam has a heart when it comes to getting more out of giving something away than trading it in to someone like GameStop.

Topics for discussion are Kojima isn’t really fired, Sony abandoning Vita games, Nintendo NX in 2016, Edge makes us wait for extensions, self-lacing Nikes and what’s the deal with YouTube Red. They, also, discuss the reason for the postponement of their movie podcast.

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Roundtable Topics

Explain the change in plans

New format for the show

Trade in profit too low? Give it away


Video Game News (15 minutes on news)

Steven: Kojima On Holiday

Adam: Sony Isn’t Making Vita Games Anymore


Main Gaming Topic (15 minutes on topic)


Nintendo NX – Could It Arrive In 2016    Fuck You


Technology News: (15 minutes on news)

Steven: Microsoft Edge – Extensions Will Not Arrive Until 2016

Adam: Back to the Future 2 Nike’s Coming in 2016


Main Technology Topic (15 minutes on topic)

YouTube Red – Their subscription service



Music – Kevin MacLeod



Other info:

Facebook, Google+, Twitter



2 thoughts on “Lazy Ring of Death Podcast #28: Firmware Update

  1. do you have a preference as to where comments should be made?
    i typically place comments on you site but i could switch that shit up real quick if it would help.

    i’m also part of an online community that includes people that may find your shit shit dope.
    i’ll start dropping some seeds.

    Adam, you said “Nike Pumps”…I started feeling some kinda way because I only know of the Reebok Pump. I did a quick search and found out that there is also a Nike version of the Pump, who knew?

    Steve, your cat is like a feline hype man a la Flava Flave.

    Struggle Flakes…I want to Photoshop this product into reality.

    • The site is good and that positive review on Stitcher was great. If we could get people to comment on iTunes that would be awesome too. Thanks for your support. Struggle flakes foreva!

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