Microsoft Drops the Price of the Kinect


While Microsoft has been going bundle crazy this year they’ve decided to drop the price of their most famous (or infamous depending on your perspective) accessories: the Kinect. Microsoft has dropped the price of the Kinect Xbox One bundle for a limited time to $399 but has also dropped the cost of the Kinect bought separately to $99 USD for a limited time.

“Nearly half of Xbox One owners are using Kinect today, and across the Xbox fan base, Kinect sensor owners are regularly among those reporting the highest level of customer satisfaction,” Xbox Live’s Major Nelson said in a post on his blog.

“We are also continuing to invest in Kinect, and are looking forward to launching the Cortana personal assistant on Xbox One in 2016.”

Either Microsoft is just trying to get rid of these things or they aren’t giving up on the Kinect quite yet. It would make sense too with Cortana making its way to the Xbox One next year. People might have a new found respect for the accessories less as a gaming device and more as a way to communicate with the Xbox One.


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