Press Release for Original NES Reminds us All what We used to Like


The original Nintendo Entertainment System is known in most gaming circles today as one of the greatest consoles ever. The graphics (for the time) were amazing, Nintendo’s use of quality control kept trash games off the console, and it was the birthplace of some of the most beloved gaming characters of all time.

Video game collector Steve Lin has decided to share a piece of Nintendo history with us on Twitter. Lin has an old Nintendo press release from 1986 which details the biggest reason behind the console’s popularity with kids in the U.S.

According to the survey shared 19 percent of children in the U.S. wanted the NES due to the R.O.B. accessory. R.O.B. was a small robot that would “play” the second player and also move around a bit.

There are two reasons to like this report. First and foremost is it’s a piece of gaming history. While we all knew people liked the NES when it came out this report etches it into stone. Also it’s very interesting to see what a company does with those scale 1-10 questionnaires they’re always giving out.


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