Apple Offering Apple Watch And iPhone Bundle


There are certain constants in life: death, taxes and Apple does not like sales. Well, they do not like to discount any of their products unless they are making way for the newest version, their back-to-school or very stingy Black Friday sales. Because of this previous pattern, it makes this story a bit more interesting and open to speculation.

MacRumours is reporting, with confirmation from Apple, that they will be offering a bundle deal for their Apple Watch. According to the report, it seems that if you pick up either the Apple Watch or Apple Watch Sport, with any new iPhone, you will get $50 off.

Before you start sending me emails, we know that is not a lot. Especially when you take the prices, you are not even covering tax for the items because it saves you roughly six percent. It is interesting though since we know that All does not like sales about as much as AT&T hate their customer base.

Now, before you rush out to the Cult of Apple stores, we mean Apple Stores, there are only being trail marketed in the Bay Area and Boston from October 30th through November 15th. Currently, these are the locations offering the bundle:

Bay Area: Burlingame, Chestnut Street, Corte Madera, Hillsdale, San Francisco, and Stonestown locations.

Boston: Boylston Street, Burlington, CambridgeSide, and Chestnut Hill locations.

The reason it brings up speculation is simply because Apple does not discuss figures, especially with the Apple Watch devices. Even though a Q3 earnings reports suggested that it brought in over a billion dollars in revenue.

Most likely, we will never get a response from Apple about why they are offering the bundle, as well as actual sales number but that will lead the internet to speculate all they want. Apple-cultist will say it’s a good thing while Apple-haters will say they are not as strong as they want us to believe. Either way, I am still not getting on.


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