Demand for Xbox One Elite Controller Outpacing Availability


Those who want to pick up an Xbox Elite Controller may have to wait a bit.  According to Major Nelson the controller is selling out worldwide and won’t be available until next month at the earliest.

Stocks of the $150 USD controller should replaced soon but Nelson also said that “supplies may be limited” until early December but more controllers are arriving each week. This is bad news to hear for any Black Friday shoppers hoping for a good deal on the peripheral.

This new may be a surprise to those that thought a more expensive controller wasn’t going to sell. The Xbox Elite controller features remappable buttons, swappable triggers and d-pads, and interchangeable thumbsticks. It’s a high-end controller built for serious gamers (or at least those that feel they’re serious gamers.) Hopefully stocks will be replenished in time for the holidays.


2 thoughts on “Demand for Xbox One Elite Controller Outpacing Availability

  1. I remember when MS revealed the price for the Elite controller, there was a lot of skepticism about just how well it would sell. Jokes on us, I suppose? I guess it’s no different than investing in a nice, comfy computer chair. We’re spending a lot of time with our Xbox, might as well treat ourselves to the best controller available.. I guess? It doesn’t appeal to me in any way, since I’d rather drop $150 on 3 games, but hey. Who am I to tell people how to spend their money?

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