Producer Talks about why Suicide Squad didn’t go for a R Rating


According to Suicide Squad producer Charles Roven, the upcoming film will have a “hard PG-13” rating as opposed to R. This may make a some fans let out a heavy sigh but Roven explains the choice while speaking with Collider.

When asked if an R rating was ever a consideration Roven said “The intention of the film is definitely to be PG-13.”

“We really want to make these films tonally consistent so that, as I said because this is a shared universe, at least our current thinking—and again, we’re not dealing in absolutes because while this is business it’s also a creative endeavor, so you want to leave yourself open to changing your mind, doing something different, being inspired, that’s the whole process of filmmaking is you have to allow for inspiration as well as having a road map for what you’re gonna do.

“So our plan right now is to make all these films PG-13. In some cases, you know, right there on the edge of PG-13, but still PG-13,” he added.

This decision makes sense to me for two different reasons. Of course being in a shared universe it’s hard not to agree with Roven here. It wouldn’t make as much sense to have a R rated film that is supposed to connect with PG-13 films. Also we can discount the fact that Warner Bros. wouldn’t want to limit their audience in any way. An R rating, while adding to the more adult aspects of the story, would cause parents to second guess their children from seeing the film.


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