The Lazy Geeks Podcast #209: Nous Sommes Avec Paris

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The guys are back this week! They explain why they missed the Monday show but briefly discuss the terror attacks in Paris over the weekend. Steven is excited for Battlefront’s release this week and that he picked up a second Xbox One controller on Groupon. They discuss this week’s deals, Flash going to Earth-2, Suicide Squad rating, Star Fox Zero coming, T-Mobile’s new streaming plan and WoW new trailer and so much more.



Opening Story/Random –

Paris Attacks

Star Wars: Battlefront Drops This Week

Groupon Deal on Xbox One Controller


Take My Money Section

Weekly Deals

News –


Topic #1

Steve: The Flash Going To Earth-2

Adam: Suicide Squad Producer Talks about not having R rating


Topic #2

Steve: Star Fox Zero Coming To Wii U In 2016

Adam: The Peanuts Movie Won’t get a Sequel anytime soon


Topic #3

Steve: FireFox Finally Coming To iOS

Adam: T-Mobile Allowing Users to stream video for free


Topic #4

Steve: Synopsis of Arrow/The Flash Crossover

Adam: Warcraft Trailer Drops



Now it is time for a section, we like to call Douchebags of the Week:

Steven’s Choice: Some People Enjoy The PS4 Too Much

Adam’s Choice: Girl with a Gun



Music – Kevin MacLeod


Other info:

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One thought on “The Lazy Geeks Podcast #209: Nous Sommes Avec Paris

  1. Wireless Headphones…can you guys do some research and talk about this?
    I’ve owned 3 in the past 2 years. I use them on my PC for gaming and anything I want to listen to including podcasts that I enjoy while I do tasks around the house. I take the dongle and hook it up to a long USB chord so I can listen all over the apartment.

    I first got the Sony Pulse Elite and they were nice but poorly built and literally fell apart after 7 months and had terrible battery life. The Rumble was dope.

    Then i got the Sony Golds, no rumble but the battery life is amazing and they are very comfy…however my first pair fell apart…i got another pair and treated it like a baby…it just broke. the hinges on the left side just broke.

    I want a well built, wireless set of cans with good battery life that I can use with my PC so I can walk around my apartment and listen to you clowns talk about how I want a good pair of wireless headphones.

    Thanks in advance if you can make it happen.

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