Heroes of the Storm’s Two-Player Hero is Available Right Now


Blizzard has rolled out its latest update for Heroes of the Storm and other than the usual balancing and improvements there is something more special available. Cho’gall the two player cooperative hero: a first for the MOBA genre.

“Cho is a Warrior of unmatched might who charges fist-first into battle, controlling movement and Basic Attacks,” so says the patch notes. “While Gall cannot move on his own, he is a formidable Assassin armed with a devastating set of dark spells.”

What you’re reading is correct; Cho’gall is a single hero that can be controlled by two players at the same time. The two-headed orge features two distinct personalities, Gall and Cho, and each have their own set of abilities.

Cho is your typical tough guy and controls the movement of the hero. Gall on the other hand is a polar opposite and features plenty of magic abilities to dominate the map. Now if you don’t have someone to play with you can still pick Cho’gall although you won’t get the same effect. Those that decide to run the hero solo will only be able to use Cho and not have access to any of the magical abilities of Gall.

For those that attended Blizzcon 2015 you’ll be given Cho’gall for free. Interestingly everyone else can’t just buy the hero with in game gold or real world cash. In order to get the character for yourself players will have to win two matches as Cho’gall while partnered up with someone who has already done so. It’s an interesting way to get an unlock for a game and fun for those that don’t enjoy just buying all the extras.


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