Some PS4 Users Can’t Launch Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition


Like most people, I was planted in front of my Xbox One waiting for 9PM (PST) for the game to become available. Unfortunately, if you were one of the people that picked up the Ultimate Edition of Star Wars Battlefront, you might have learned that you were unable to play the game you have been waiting for. It seems that PlayStation 4 owners have encountered the issue.

According to Polygon, the digital version of the Ultimate Edition, which was available for the PS4, PC and Xbox One. However, it seems that the issue is involving only the PS4. The package came with a hefty price tag of $119.99 with five in-game items and the $49.99 season pass.

People took to Reddit, as one does, to explain and hope to find solutions for their issue. When the game was installed, the PS4 required an update – an update that does not exist. Redownloading the game was not helping the issue, some figured out that deleting the Ultimate Edition add-on content.

Early on Tuesday morning, Sony informed its customers that PS4 users would need to restore their PS4 licenses. All you would need to do is “go to the Settings menu and click PlayStation Network/Account Management, and then “Restore License.” If that doesn’t work immediately, try turning your PS4 off completely (not putting it into Rest Mode) and turning it back on.”



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