Sprint’s New Deal Is The Same As Last Year’s Deal… Almost

Remember the gold ol’ days when the top three mobile carriers were Verizon, AT&T and Sprint? In the last couple of years, Sprint has been struggling to catch up while T-Mobile has moved in to take over the number three spot. So Sprint has been mumbling about a big announcement that is coming. You know, they “countdown”? Well, they revealed it… and we have heard this one before.

Remember, last year, when Sprint announced their whole campaign to slice your bill from those other carriers in half if you switched from Verizon and AT&T? Well, it’s back. This time out, they managed to add T-Mobile to their offering, which seems a bit weird since they do not offer much in the way that T-Mobile offers.

The new promotion starts on Friday, November 20th. According to The Verge, they will cover “up to $650 in ‘switching costs’” in the form of a gift card. Although, according to the site, you better check out the fine print because they went old school to confuse the hell out of you in regards to what you will actually be charged for.

Importantly, this deal runs through January 7th, 2016, and Sprint says they plan to honor the monthly rate you get until January 2018. Just as important, if you’re on T-Mobile’s now-more-expensive unlimited data plan, this “cut your bill in half” thing doesn’t apply. You are not eligible. It only applies to the tiered Simple Choice plans. Of course, if you choose to go over your high-speed data allotment, Sprint will slow things down to 2G speeds for the remainder of the billing cycle. Now, you could pay $15 per gigabyte if you want faster speed again.

If you thought that was confusing with T-Mobile, check out how it works if you are coming over from AT&T or Verizon. Once you go pass your data cap, you will be charge overage fees from Sprint. You will be charged 1.5 cents per megabyte. So instead of being better than their competitors, they are simply doing the same thing.

It is unclear just how they think this will work this time around, as many of the other Big Three have augmented their pricing schemes to prevent consumer fall off. However, Sprint has an inferior network than the other and since T-Mobile did this ground shaking change to increase business, Sprint has been stuck between a rock and a hard place. T-Mobile doesn’t look like it is fearful of Sprint’s plan. I wouldn’t be.



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