Dragon Quest Heroes Making its Way to PC

The Dragon Quest series is a favorite in my home so any new version of it is welcomed. Square Enix has announced Dragon Quest Heroes Slime Edition for the PC for those that aren’t tethered to a console for gaming.

Dragon Quest Heroes has already been out for the PS4 with a few DLC’s already released. By a few I mean thirteen and all of those DLC packs will be included with the PC version. You also be getting all DLC items and maps according to the Dragon Quest official Twitter page (above).

Dragon Quest Heroes is a departure from the traditional JRPG and is more akin to Dynasty Warriors. Dragon Quest Heroes tasks players with hack-and-slash goodness playing as some of the many iconic characters in the series.

For those looking for a more laid back RPG check out Dragon Quest Heroes when it releases for the PC on December 3rd.


One thought on “Dragon Quest Heroes Making its Way to PC

  1. I really, really enjoyed Dragon Quest Heroes and just finished sinking ~50 hours in to it. I felt it had more depth than the average musou game, thanks to the use of summonable monsters and skill trees. The DLC weapons are virtually useless though. Aside from looking cute and pandering to my Dragon Quest fandom, they were all replaced within an hour. Some of the characters you’ll obtain so late in the game there’s no way they’d ever use a weapon that weak. Either way, glad to see it reaching a broader market. Definitely one of my favorites this year!

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