Star Wars: The Force Awakens Already Made $50 Million


It is pretty much a foregone conclusion that Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be a monster hit this holiday season. It is less than a month away and the movie has already seemed to rack up more than $50 million in advance ticket sales in North America, according to THR.

The film doubled the previous record set by The Dark Knight Rises in 2012 with $25 million. A third of all ticket sales are in IMAX alone, which will begin appearing on screens across the country on December 17th.

According to the piece, there are still plenty of seats available for opening weekend in the US, online ticket services report. Now that everyone knows the movie will be a huge hit, now it comes down to by how much.

This year’s record holder comes to Universal’s Jurassic World, which scored $208.8 million in June. Is it possible that the film could do that in its opening weekend alone? Some believe that the film could bring in $250 million to even $300 million.

Of course, the $50 million boon comes from major Star Wars fans that have been counting the day until tickets went on sale. It will be a major draw during that weekend, for sure. Do any of you guys have some ideas on what the movie will bring in when it opens? The comment box below is always open.



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