The Lazy Ring of Death #29: Charcoal November

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The guys are back with their technology and gaming podcast. They discuss Fallout 4 record breaking sales, StarCraft 2 sales, their views on the new Xbox One update, PS Vue price cut and Microsoft takes the top spot in October. Also, they discuss Tim Cooke’s comment that you don’t need a PC anymore. Is he right or misguided? Let us know.


Video Game News 

Steven:  Fallout 4 Breaks Record

Adam: StarCraft 2 Expansion Sells 1 Mil in 24 hours


Main Gaming Topic


New Xbox One Update


Technology News: 

Steven: Sony Cuts PlayStation Vue Price

Adam: Xbox One Takes Top Sales for October


Main Technology Topic 

Tim Cook: Why would you buy a PC anymore



Music – Kevin MacLeod


Other info:





One thought on “The Lazy Ring of Death #29: Charcoal November

  1. i can’t imagine my life without my desktop. i’ve been building my own pc’s for the past 15 years.
    speaking as a graphic designer and a PC gamer who has only owned two consoles; the Atari 2600 and the NES, I cannot envision a life without a Desktop that I have built myself.

    that being said, i do not own a cell phone. 12 years ago i had a clam phone an old Nokia that i never used. i don’t know where it is now. everywhere i go i see people staring at their phones…non stop.

    i love tech, PC gaming and the internet in general…but i like it to be intimate…just me and the powerful desktop that i built.

    if i go on a trip then i will use my girl’s tablet or notebook, but deep in my heart i want my overpowered desktop. i want to Photoshop images on the fly…i want the everything because that is what a desktop that you built can do.

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