Xbox App for Windows 10 Gets Some Upgrades

Players asked and Microsoft listened. The Xbox app for Windows 10 has been impressive since it launched however a few additions were asked for and they never hurt. A recent update has brought some pretty interesting things to the app that make a few things easier.

First off the app gets Facebook integration which lets users find Xbox Live friends through their Facebook account. Have some friends on Facebook and want to know if they’re on Xbox? No problem. Staying with a social vibe here users will also have a much easier time sharing recorded clips and sending messages as well.

One feature that many have asked for (myself included) is the ability to record voiceovers for video clips using the Game DVD feature. Using an attached headset or microphone the Xbox will be able to pick up your voice and save it along with your video. Even better all games playable on Windows 10 on the PC will be able to make use of the Game DVR app so you can record your PC gaming seasons as well.

There are a few other features available as well so check out the video above from Xbox own Major Nelson to get a good overview.


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