Trailer – Captain America: Civil War

As we took the last week off, that is the time they decide to release the trailer for the upcoming Captain America: Civil War. The trailer gives the story of the film, which is kind of unusual for movies like that, especially since we have five months until the film hits theaters. However, with Star Wars: The Force Awakens coming out in a couple of weeks the House of Mouse probably wanted to get people excited for their second property.

In this installment, it picks up right where Ant-Man left off with their post-credit scene. It seems that Bucky has come to his senses and is set up for a terrorist attack that has Captain America in his corner. Of course, Cap is on the side of the wronged and General Ross brings in Tony Stark to get Cap to see the err of his ways and join the right side.

Seeing Captain America on the side of his friend is nothing new, but the look in Stark’s eyes when he said that he was his friend too. The final shot of the two-on-one action of Barnes and Captain America taking on Iron Man with the shield is amazing. After the first screening, it gave me chills. Now, we have to wait for May for the film to come out. Just two months after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Deadpool. 2016 is going to be a great year.



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