Fallout 4 Has A Blurry-Vision Bug


When someone joins and begins to play Fallout 4, chances are that you are not playing any other game while playing this one. Over the course of time since its release, there have been notes of various bug issues but nothing that would be catastrophic as you have seen in standard console games. However, a writer on Polygon has encountered a bug that has to do with “blurry-vision.”

The writer makes it clear that this is a perfect reason to never delete any save files when playing the game. He claims to have lost some 25 hours of progress due to a particular bug. “It’s possible to develop permanently blurred vision, akin to the view (first- or third-person) when you have taken a critical hit to the head, until you heal it with a Stimpak,” the writer claims.

Now the “blurred-vision” does not make the game unplayable. It just seems to blur out the major background but the foreground seems to be in focus. The writer does not have any clue as to how they picked up the bug. Upon researching the issue, he claimed to have found other players that are suffering from the bug and that there is no cure for it.

He even tried:

  • Resting in a bed I owned.
  • Treating myself with RadAway and Stimpaks.
  • Changing my attire.
  • Saving and re-loading the file.
  • Developing an addiction, radiation poisoning, or injuring myself to then visit Dr. Sun for treatment in Diamond City.

At the time of this writing, there is no official word from Bethesda about this issue. It will be interesting to see if they move this as a priority when they come back from the holiday break. In the meantime, you have two choices: re-roll your character or wait until the patch is released. Either option is not a good one but what other choices do you have?





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