Sony Working On Remote Play For PS4 With PC and Macs


Since Microsoft announced that you can play your Xbox One games on your Windows 10 PC (as well as backwards compatibility), Sony gave the illusion that they did not care what Xbox was doing. However, over the last few months, since Microsoft’s OS and console have been gaining steam, it seems that Sony has quietly changed their tune.

Earlier in the month, news was coming out that PlayStation 2 games were being worked on for the PS4, but that seems to not be the only thing they are working on. Remote Play was Sony’s big game-changer when they announced that you could play your PS4 game on your Vita thus freeing up your TV. Unfortunately, that did not help Vita sales.

Sony seems to be taking a play out of the Microsoft playbook and announced that you will be able to Remote Play through your PC or Mac. Sony’s president of Worldwide Studios announced in a tweet:

Now, the bigger question is when is this going to happen? As well as how much time will Microsoft have to perfect the process before Sony throws their attempt at it. Microsoft has been stealing Sony’s thunder, as of late.

With the announcement and release of their backwards compatibility for the Xbox 360 with over 100 titles, Sony has sat on their 100 titles from the PlayStation Now since early summer. Will this be another Sony big promise and failure to deliver or worse yet, will they release it and not know what to do with it? Time will only tell.




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