Supergirl Gets A Full Season Order


If you have been watching Supergirl on CBS, you probably have been surprised with just how solid the series is. As much as being in the same vein of The Flash on the CW, rather than Arrow, it seems that CBS has been doing well with the series, which has been averaging a 2.8 rating after its 3.1 debut.

On Monday, CBS announced that they will order seven more episodes of the series, bringing its number to 20. Normally, series are usually given the “back nine” but given that the series premiered in October, which knocks two episodes off their slate and needs more special effects, it makes sense that 20 could be the number for the season.

There were rumors over the holiday weekend that The Flash could crossover with the new series during May sweeps. Executive producer Greg Berlanti stated, what CBS had stated earlier in the fall, that there will be no crossover this season.

Berlanti has been knocking the DC franchise out of the park with Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow. Aside from the DC franchise, he has an early second season renewal for Blindspot over at NBC, who has been needing a hit badly. It would not be hard to believe that we could get another second season for Supergirl just after the new year.




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