Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer


Finally, we see it. Finally, we get to see things coming together. An actual plot is being unraveled for the upcoming Batman V Superman film that actually looks rather interesting.

A few rumors have been confirmed namely Doomsday being the key reason why the heroes come together. The trailer opens with an interesting conversation between Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne talking about Superman and Batman. It’s something that’s been done but if it wasn’t in this movie I would be upset.

The focus of Batman and Superman’s different ideals of how to be a hero are present here and its nice to see. As fans will know these two go about things different and their childhood experiences, as well as the villains they deal with, are perfect reflections of how they behave. I go on and on about the dynamics of Superman and Batman but this isn’t Wikipedia.

Lest we forget DC’s fair lady also made a presence as well. Wonder Woman is a complete badass towards the end and while she doesn’t have any lines in the trailer her presence is known.

I could fanboy on about this trailer all night however I don’t think I need too. This was a solid trailer for a movie that is deserving of the hype. Sure, there are people that will pick this trailer apart and try to convince us all that Marvel does it better. I say now and forever DC and Marvel aren’t better or worse, just different.

More comic book movies are a win people, no matter the company making them. Check out the trailer below.


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