The Lazy Geeks Podcast #210: The Return

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The guys are back after a week off and a week of technical difficulties. There are some changes coming to the podcast list in the new year but for now, we are back on schedule. The guys are talking about what they did on their break and the new Batman v Superman trailer. Some topics include Supergirl gets a full season order, Samurai Jack is returning, AT&T continues to hate their customers, Secret Wars delayed, again and so much more. Enjoy!

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Opening Story/Random –

Why we missed two weeks

Postponing The Cheap Seats until January

Batman v Superman trailer


Take My Money Section

Deal of the Week

News –


Topic #1

Steve: Supergirl Gets A Full Season Order

Adam: Samurai Jack Making a Comeback


Topic #2

Steve: AT&T Increasing Unlimited Data Prices

Adam: Nintendo Bringing Mario Kart Competition to TV


Topic #3

Steve: PlayStation Now Offering 1-Year Plan

Adam: New PlayStation VR games announced


Topic #4

Steve: Marvel Announces Apocalypse War

Adam: Secret Wars Delayed, Again



Now it is time for a section, we like to call Douchebags of the Week:

Steven’s Choice: When You Need Your Tamales

Adam’s Choice: Everyone Hates Mark Rubio



Music – Kevin MacLeod


Other info:

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One thought on “The Lazy Geeks Podcast #210: The Return

  1. I wanted to leave replies at your Second Life server but I could not find it…I’ll just head over to your newsroom instead.

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