Classic Max Payne Coming To PS4


Ever since Microsoft announced backwards compatibility to their Xbox One system, by using emulators on their consoles, Sony had to hustle to give them an edge. When EA released Star Wars Battlefront, the PS4 bundle included some old favorites from the PS2 days. This sparked speculation that Sony is slowly coming around to re-releasing old game to play on their newer consoles without signing up for PlayStation Now.

Last week, Sony boss Shuhei Yoshida announced that PS2 emulation will come to the PS4. The classic PS2 title Max Payne will be the latest title to add to that ever-growing PS2 list. The Entertainment Software Ratings Board released a list, according to Polygon, that it was coming to the PlayStation 4.

Max Payne spawned two sequels, one for the PS2 and the third, which was released for the PlayStation 3 back in 2012. While the third game was not much like the original two, it will be fun to get to play that game again. That was a classic game for me personally and really opened my eyes to Rockstar. There is not release date set but we can only hope its soon.




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