Netflix Will Be Doubling Its Original Content Next Year


Netflix is known for a lot of different things and more recently its success with original content has been hard to ignore. Shows like Daredevil, House of Cards, Orange is the New Black and the more recent Jessica Jones have propelled the company from more than just a streaming service.

The crowd, however, will grow fickle over time and Netflix will need to churn out new and original content going forward to stay competitive. Which is why chief content officer Ted Sarandos has announced that’s exactly what they’ll be doing.

Speaking at the recent UBS Media Conference Sarandos announced the company will be doubling their original content in 2016. That brings their already 16 scripted shows to 31 by next years’ end.

“It’s not just a lot of volume,” Sarandos said. “This is quality stuff.”

Of course they don’t plan on stopping there either. Netflix is also planning 30 shows for children, 12 documentaries, 10 stand-up specials and 10 original films.

While it’s very hard to find someone that doesn’t already have Netflix it goes without saying it’s the service to have where streaming is concerned.


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