Civil War II And Creative Team Announced


One of the quintessential storyline (events) in the Marvel Comics Universe is Civil War. Back in 2006, Marvel released the series that changed the landscape of the comics and it was never truly able to repeat. On Monday, Marvel announced a sequel to the classic story with Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez being the creatives behind it.

As some people are shaking their heads at the sequel, I have questioned Bendis in the past but after reading his stories I have learned to just take it and expect fun. It seems the overall arc of the stories will be the same the conflict itself will be separate to drive it away from simply being a retelling of the original series.

“The fun thing about ‘Civil War’ [was] that the issues involved not only divided the heroes, they also divided the fans, to say nothing of the creative people,” Tom Brevoort told “The attempt was to craft the conflict so that each side held a valid and defensible position, so that a reader could fundamentally agree with either one side or the other, with neither being painted as absolutely right or absolutely wrong. While the issues involved are different, we’ll be taking the same approach to ‘Civil War II.'”

Bendis — who has a history with high-stakes Marvel events after writing “House of M,” “Secret Invasion” and “Age of Ultron” — said that “no one is safe” in “Civil War II,” along with praising the original story by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven.

“The original ‘Civil War’ is one of the most important Marvel comics ever, and we are all very excited to have come up with what we hope is a story worthy of the title,” Bendis said. “If you are scared of earth shattering Marvel events where no one is safe… be afraid, be very afraid.”

As the series itself does not have an announced release date, it seems that Diamond Retailer Calendar mailed to comic shops this week seeming to indicate that the comic will be released in May 2016. Oddly enough, that is the same time the Marvel Pictures release of Captain America: Civil War is released. Coincidence? I think not.


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