Google Lets Go Of The Nexus 6


After being launched a little over a year ago, Google has quietly discontinued its Nexus 6, as of Tuesday. You are no longer able to purchase it in the Play Store, according to The Verge. As many people realized, Google is no better than any of the other mobile device developers, shortly after their latest incarnation is released the old one is put out to pasture.

With the release of the Nexus 5X and the Nexus 6P, there is no need to have the Nexus 6 out there. However, if you are still itching to get one, you can snag one on Amazon as they are still selling the 32GB version for $349.99.

There is still no word as to whether the device is permanently discontinued, but odds are that it is. Up until this past September, it was the only device that could support Google’s experimental Project Fi mobile internet service. Since the new phones can, you can say that the Nexus 6 outlived its usefulness.



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