The Lazy Geeks Podcast Ending And Other Changes

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When we made our announcement back in August about the changes coming to the podcast and line-up, there were some things left on the table. To put it bluntly, 2015 kind of kicked our collective asses. While we had some hits (or experiments) that kind of took off, we have been having some shows that are either slowing down or losing their luster. On top of all that, we kind of felt we lost our focus.

So we have decided that of January 2016, we will no longer be doing the Lazy Ring of Death podcast, as well as the OG podcast The Lazy Geeks Podcast. We have decided to get rid of the long-form news podcast, as (one) we can’t keep up with the news as it is old when we release it, and (two) we will still offer the news but in short-form.

The Lazy Geeks Podcast did make it over 200 episodes and various incarnations of the same long-form premise. However, it has been feeling like work for a while and that is something we swore we would never continue a series when that was the end result. That was the original series but it is not going away but evolving into something that is more common in today’s podcast listening environment. We are not doing this because it’s what people are listening to; we are doing it because that is what we are listening to.

As of our December 21st episode, that will be the final installment of The Lazy Geeks Podcast in its current form. Starting January 4th, we will produce daily ten-minute news podcasts five days a week. We have not yet made a firm decision on the title but the new show will feature either Adam or myself doing the highlights of the past day in a ten-minute format. We will not read entire articles or stretch things out to fill in the time, we will give you the news of the day, each day.

The Lazy Ring of Death podcast will drop as it is part of the news long-form podcast. All these podcasts will come in the daily variety and focus on our own interest and going back to our original premise of taking the news from around the internet and giving it a home.

As for the main site, we will no longer be posting news from the internet. It will revert back to a blog, as well as a house for all our shows. In the last year, the news portion of the site either took off but the podcast quality dipped or vice-versa. This time we have chosen to focus our attention on our podcast content, especially as we are joining Google Play’s new podcast offering.

As of January 2016, the podcast line-up will be such:

Monday thru Friday – daily ten-minute news of the day podcast.

Remaining/new long-form podcasts will drop every Wednesday:

First Wednesday: Just Another Podcast (retooled)

Second Wednesday: The Away Team

Third Wednesday: The Cheap Seats (new movie podcast)

Fourth Wednesday: The Away Team

Some behind-the-scenes details is that due to our hectic schedules, Adam and I would record both weekly shows on Sunday night. Going back to recording one show that does not have a “dated” release, can allow us to increase production value of each series and not be hindered by time constraints. As many of you probably noticed that we are increasing the Star Trek: The Next Generation podcast to twice a month, which means it will take us nearly a year to get through a season.

From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank you guys for all your support in all the content we tried to provide for you. This will allow us to open up some content and provide more content, at the same time, reduce the amount of time we are spending on the big shows. When we start doing the daily news rundown podcasts, please let us know what you think. Be constructive.

As 2015 seemed to have Adam and I by the throat, we are taking charge and planning out more of 2016. That year, we will be taking it by the throat and we hope you will join us on the ride. Thanks for all the support you guys have given us this year and hope you stick with us for the next year to come.


One thought on “The Lazy Geeks Podcast Ending And Other Changes

  1. Let’s be real here…the only solution is for you two to live stream 24/7/365. Get colostomy bags, pee in bottles and have your children or significant others take away the waste as you endlessly surf the web, watch movies, shows, read comics and comment on it all in real time. Of course you will take turns sleeping. There will be a four hour overlap when both of you are sleeping and four hours when you both perform as the other sleeps. Please take this advice to heart.

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