Trailer: Star Trek Beyond

After the successful reboot of the Star Trek franchise in 2009, it was tough for JJ Abrams and company to follow it up with something that would equally successful. For some reason, they decided to go with a Khan based storyline for the sequel and lied about the main character. With Justin Lin at the helm of the third film, and a script co-written by Simon Pegg, it was touted as getting back to the essence of Trek.

The trailer plays like something from the Fast and Furious movies rather than a Trek movie. Even Pegg himself came out as not being a total fan of the trailer. However, it will probably receive a better trailer that kind of gives the storyline, since this is the premiere trailer it was designed more for hype and the big adventure that this film will provide.

Given that this will be the 50th anniversary release of the franchise, you figure they are going bigger in this film than the previous. Although, as we have seen in previous films, bigger does not always prove to be better.


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