Second Suicide Squad Trailer is Here!


Gather around kids and gaze upon something truly special. Well, special to me anyway. The second trailer for the upcoming Suicide Squad flick is here (below specifically) and its focus on the comedic this time around is much more interesting.

Suicide Squad was always sort of funny if not downright hilarious at times. The comic was a mix of personalities that really shouldn’t be mixed, and it showed. The rarely worked well together and in-fighting was common, as well as betrayal. Basically it was really fun to read and something a bit different from what the heroes were usually doing. I’m just as excited for this movie as I am Batman V Superman and I don’t care who knows.

It’s interesting to note here there are still things about this movie that wouldn’t be my first choice. I’m not going to say I dislike anything quite yet for two reasons; I haven’t seen it yet and I don’t haven’t seen how it all fits together. We could sit here and say the Joker looks weird in this film however without seeing what Leto is bringing to the character we won’t fully know if it fits until we see it. That being said I’m the type that gives everything a fair shot, especially if I was already a fan to begin with.

We see more of Leto here in various stages of dress. Margot Robbie, playing Harley Quinn, gets a bit more substance in this trailer and in my opinion had the funniest scene. We got a good look at all of the characters here and it really felt like the movie is about to drop. Which it is, but it’s good to feel that way.

Either way we here at the Lazy Geeks wanted to throw the trailer up here for your entertainment. Tell your friends, and comment below what you think.



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